Launching a DNA based nutrition and fitness program.

Creative Direction
Copy Writing


With the popularity of DNA science and the shift into DNA based nutrition, we can now use genetic testing to detect an increased likelihood of developing a particular disease based on a person’s genetic makeup.

IDLife is a health & wellness movement that specializes in customized nutrition. The company uses a proprietary assessment tool to provide personalized nutrition recommendations to customers. Adding DNA results to the IDNutrition assessment would generate better outcomes for the customer and help them make timely health nutrition and fitness decisions.

We helped the company launch the personalized DNA based nutrition and fitness program.


The core competency of IDLIfe is providing personalized nutrition using science that takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements to take and when. Adding DNA to IDLife’s existing survey would yield better results for the customer. The growing trend of consumer DNA testing focuses on genetic ancestry, but customers miss other significant actionable opportunities in their DNA reports. The value proposition for IDLife is to provide a platform that makes it easy for the customer to use their DNA nutrition and fitness markers to get personalized nutrition and fitness programs.

Insight: IDLIfe helps customers connect the dots, from their DNA to their customized nutrition and fitness programs. Let your DNA results work for you.

Building the

The identity mark evokes the complexity of DNA and embodies the strategy of helping people, "connect the dots." We took a double helix, wrapped it around an organic cell-like shape to produce a helix ring and extruded it into a pattern of data points. The center monogram is a recognizable, simplified DNA symbol.


Crafting a
Branded Look

One of the biggest challenges of a social selling company is brand management. Maintaining a consistent brand image with a significant number of sub-brands (associates) across social media channels is an enormous challenge. With a lack of brand guidelines and marketing assets or just inadequate resources, ambassadors have to create their marketing content. When this happens, instead of humming together as a cohesive team, the brand becomes chaotic and confusing to consumers because of the lack of consistency in messaging, unity in voice, and incoherent creative. We chose to use an open color pallet for versatility and to empower ambassadors with as much creative freedom as they needed to mix and match creative assets to appeal to their followers while staying within the IDLife DNA brand style guide. Because of the myriad color options, we chose to use black and white photography to act a neutral focal point and a consistent unifying visual element across the campaign.


The Design System

The double helix oval gave us the freedom we needed to produce versatile intricate generative design patterns which were also an abstract reference to the complexity and uniqueness of everyone's DNA data. The organic cell-like oval shape is used to add a touch of color, depth, and frames the hero image.



The creative is designed to allow the brand to stand bold from the competition and clutter on social media. It also allows freedom of personal expression on a sub-brand level (associates) and while widely used with different nuances is still unified by the distinctive design elements and stays on brand.